I LOVE Eyelashes!


In fact I’m mildly obsessed with the ‘right’ kind of facial hair – lashes and eyebrows that is! If you can master a clear complexion (see 5 Steps to my Best Skin ever!) I honestly think all you need is great lashes and brows – they really do frame the face – and then maybe a little bit of lippy!

So, I have been in search for the right mascara for a long time. I want one that lengthens, thickens, does not flake, has serious staying power and still comes off with my regular mild cleanser – I am not interested in a separate eye make up remover specifically for removing mascara, sorry, that’s one product too many in my world! I have tried most – well I have been wearing mascara for 20 years now! But it’s difficult to find one that does ‘all of the above’. Until now!

CODE Beautiful pride themselves on creating must-have hero products for women. Their latest is CODE VLM – Voluming Lengthening Mascara. Their accompanying product CODE FFL – Forget Fake Lashes is a fibre based creamy brown formula that plumps and thicken the lashes before you apply the mascara. You don’t need one before the other but if, like me, you want the most natural looking long, thick lashes, I’d highly recommend doing both.

I still love my Mac number 20’s (a half set of easy to place false lashes to thicken the ends of your lashes and open the eyes) for a glamorous ‘night out’ AND semi permanent lash extensions are divine but I have developed an allergy to the glue (sad face emoji),  so for EVERY day I may have just found my saviour!

I bought mine in Harvey Nichols in Dundrum Town Centre www.harveynichols.com/store/Dublin

or you can get it on their website www.code-beautiful.com

At €24.50 it won’t break the bank and yes it does exactly what it says on the tin. So, if you want longer, thicker more voluminous lashes without going down the ‘fake’ route, I’d suggest you give CODE VLM a try!

Before CODE VLM & CODE FFL #nofilter


After CODE VLM & CODE FFL #nofilter