It is my ABSOLUTE favourite event of the year – The Irish Tatler Women Of The a Year awards – when extraordinary women are honoured and celebrated for doing extraordinary things. A night when women from all walks of life and all industries come together to congratulate and support each other… Not in a bra-burning, man-hating, over-feminist, sexist way, no on the contrary – It is a Norah Casey/Harmonia event after all – and anyone who knows Norah knows she loves her friends of the opposite sex – as she said herself  “my dad was one, my beautiful husband Richard who was taken from me too soon was one, my son is one”. No, the WOTY awards is just a night when we us women give ourselves a good slap on the back. It is the most inspiring, heart-warming, humbling and entertaining night of the year. To see this years winners log on to

Prepare to be impressed… And feel slightly inadequate. This is one serious bunch of women!