If you read only one thing….read this…EYEBROWS MAKE YOU YOUNGER LOOKING! Fact!

Here are pics of me after my Embrowdery yearly top up (€60) this week. These pics are not touched up. I am not wearing anything on my eyebrows – so no make up (apart from on my face), au naturale!

Do not ignore the ‘Power of the Eyebrow’ to not only frame the face but give you an overall more youthful appearance.  Look back at younger pictures of yourself when you’re eyebrows were ‘untouched by tweezers’.  They were fuller right?  So, more eyebrows = a more youthful appearance.


That is why I am DYING to share Embrowdery with you (www.embrowdery.ie).  The first semi-permanent (or permanent if you get a €60 top up once a year) eyebrow cloning technique that will give you the most natural looking brows, thanks to Elaine Mc Parland, Ireland’s leading Brow and Lash expert, at www.uptomyeyes.com in Greystones. Knowing how so far advanced the Asian beauty market is compared to the rest of the world, Elaine went to Hong Kong to learn the technique almost three years ago.

Unlike our only previous option of ‘tatooing’, Embrowdery does not require the use of any tatooing machine or vibrating needles. Instead a small metal hand tool, like a tweezers, is used (actually that’s what it feels like too – a mild plucking sensation – so no pain!) to gently press pigment into the upper epidermis of the skin in six different directions – emulating exactly how eyebrows grow naturally, hence the natural looking result. I don’t know about you but I cannot stand that ‘tatooed eyebrow look’ – it’s so obvious and makes the whole face look un-natural in my opinion.

Also unlike tatooing where there is no second chance, Embrowdery allows you to change the colour, shape, density etc before it becomes semi-permanent every step of the way. For example, a month after my first application (there are three in total – once/month for 3 months) I asked Elaine to darken mine, increase my peak and lengthen both eyebrows at the ends.  Now for €60/year I can have the eyebrows I have always wanted – and nobody knows – apart from the fact that I keep telling everyone, lol!

So to summarise….what are the benefits of Embrowdery?

  • Virtually Painless
  • Creates perfectly balanced brows to suit your face
  • Practically impossible to differentiate between Embrowdery and real brow hairs – no one will know
  • A few strokes strokes can simply be added to your own brow to create definition or extra length or thickness
  • In most cases it can eliminate the need for eyebrow tinting
  • Perfect for those who have over-plucked or lost brows through age, hormonal changes, or illness (after chemotherapy)
  • Easily maintained after procedure


My Final Word:

Elaine will tell you, my eyebrows weren’t too bad, but I had gaps and they just faded out towards the ends in colour and density, but the difference is huge!  I always had to draw them in and fill in the gaps, with expensive eyebrow pencil every day, a process that was a bit ‘hit and miss’ for me.  Some days I would master the perfect shape and others, and for no particular reason, they’d be too dark, too straight, or too much.  The best bit for me is I don’t have to think about them now.  I go to bed with eyebrows, I wake up with eyebrows and no need for tinting now either. Result!

Check out www.embrowdery.ie for more info!