You know by now I am a beauty product junkie so you can trust I have ‘tried & tested’ most of the skincare ranges on the market.

What you may NOT know (unless you have attended one of my ‘Keane On Style’ events where we ‘tell-all’ and ‘share all’ beauty secrets) is I have suffered with my skin throughout my life and in particular in the last ten years. I am told I have Adult Acne (seriously, as if ageing wasn’t bad enough!) and Rosacea (prone to broken veins, hard red lumps and high colour on my cheeks and nose – it’s very common in Celtic skin apparently). I have tried various non invasive treatments like IPL (it works but it’s pricey) and creams – La Roche Posay Rosaliac managed to keep it a bay, but only for a time, for me…But it is the hormonal pre menstrual spots that have caused me the worse grief. They always seemed to pop up before a big event or public appearance. I became an expert at covering them up so you couldn’t see them in photos (from a distance) but it was the after scarring that was the worst. One spot could leave a mark on my skin for up to six weeks. That’s another downside to older skin, it doesn’t heal as fast.

Then I met Peggy Stringer, the skincare expert on ‘Keane On Style’. Please don’t think this is a plug. It’s not. It’s actually not a nice thing to talk about….”Hi, my name is Lorraine Keane and I have bad skin”, especially when I have done so well to hide it from you until now.

However, NOW I can tell you, for the first time since puberty, because I have clear skin. CLEAR! Without make up, just hydrated, even toned skin THANKS to Jan Marini and Peggy Stringer at Monkstown Laser Skin Clinic.

Honestly, when Peggy recommended I do the 5 Step programme I thought “Here we go again”, but she gave me my first set free (as she wanted to talk about Jan Marini at my events and I wanted to be able to know what she was talking about it) so I’d nothing to lose. It was also a bit of a delay tactic for me as a dermatologist at the time had recommended I go on Roaccutane, which has a really high success rate for clearing-up acne and improving scars left by acne, but it can have really bad side affects which I felt really uncomfortable about. So Jan Marini it was.

The first week I got a small reaction to it as I wasn’t using the serum (Step 2) and I was using too much of the cleanser (it has a light peel in it for a deep cleanse). I was ready to give up (patience is not my forte!) but Peggy made me see it through. Now I use the 5 steps at night (actually 6 as I still do a first cleanse with my La Roche Posay Rossliac as its gentle on my eye area) and just 4 steps in the morning; the cleanser, the serum, the transformation cream and the SPF (Step 1, 2, 4 & 5). I have sensitive skin so I don’t feel I need Step 3 by day (it has a gentle peel in it).

In five months I haven’t had a spot – not one – and no sign of Rosacea either.

Other things I do for my skin and to prevent the signs of ageing are SPF 50 ALWAYS on my face, Intense Pulse Light Therapy /IPL treatment and a Jan Marini facial containing Retinol and Glycolics every 4/6 months.

If you decide to try Jan Marini creams I hope you get the same results I got and you’ll be as happy as I am.

I am not a spokesperson for Jan Marini and apart from that first set (a present from Peggy Stringer at Monkstown Laser Skin Clinic) I do not get ‘freebies’ to plug their product. I just honestly love them. They have changed my skin like I never knew possible and that is information worth sharing.

Thanks Peggy for introducing us!

Lorraine X