There is no doubt about it, if it wasn’t for the St Patricks Day festival Committee and Marks and Spencer showing us such a good time every year and allowing us to do the St Patricks Day parade VIP style, my daughters would not be quite as patriotic!  Champagne breakfast (admittedly, that’s more about me!), escort to the GPO avoiding all crowds, seats under a sheltered canopy (yes, I did say SEATS! None of this shoved up against a barrier and standing in the cold for hours like in MY day as one of 7 children) And being seated beside the President at that!), only to finish the day similar to how it started – in Marks and Spencer drinking fine wine and eating a selection of their hot and cold foods, all served up my smiling, friendly and helpful staff.  So Can I take this opportunity to say a huge and massive thanks to Susan Kirby and all involved in the St Patricks Day committee and Carmel Breheny and her team at Marks and Spencer for spoiling us Keane/Devlins yet again. xx

Picture 1

Thanks to Apujan for giving me this fab green dress for the occasion….

Picture 2

With Olympics Silver medal winner and St Patricks Day grand Marshall Annalise Murphy


Picture 3

With my ex #girlboss and pal Debbie O’Donnell, Exec Producer Xpose