“It’s a culture change” said businessman and entrepreneur Mark Ryan (NON Exec Director Accenture) at Planet Woman, the event organised and hosted by business woman, entrepreneur, publisher, broadcaster and mother Norah Casey….and so say all of us!

Norah, who has been a friend of mine for years, has many amazing qualities, but being a womans woman and still a guys best friend – in equal measure – is definitely one of her most endearing in my mind.  I know she enjoys the company of my husband and her male friends as much as she does her girlfriends, but being a woman she also knows the additional struggles (and juggles) we have as women.

With Planet Woman she addresses all of these AND gives useful tips and advice in overcoming them.

If you are looking for real, honest, inspirational stories from real women then Planet Woman is an event for you!  Its got none of this faffy ‘Love yourself/Empower yourself’ stuff, no, every woman – and man – on that stage has a reason to be there and helpful stories to share.  I attended the event to support a friend but came away genuinely motivated, having learned quite a bit too

Hopefully Norah wont wait another year to bring Planet woman to Dublin.  If it comes to a city near you I strongly suggest you dont miss it. xx