It’s almost two months since my Ultherapy treatment with Dr. Garrett Brady at Lowell Medical, and I can really notice the difference on my skin. Because the effects work gradually and naturally, it can be difficult to exactly pinpoint the changes, but when I compare pictures of now and two months ago, I can see that Ultherapy has made a difference.

I feel I look brighter and fresher and people have commented that I look ‘really well’.
It is rejuvenating my collagen which I’m told should soften edges, improve skin tone, lift and tighten but not in a drastic way – a natural way. Compared to the radical changes or overcorrection you can get with cosmetic fillers and surgery, because of the way Ultherapy works, I still look like me but hopefully a ‘younger looking’ me!

Best of all, they say you only see the full effects of Ultherapy after 3 months, so the best is yet to come! So stay tuned for the next couple of weeks as I’m really excited to show you the full benefits of my treatment and why you need to have it. Look great, feel great with no down time, sure what’s not to love.