It has always courted controversy but I have always enjoyed the IFTA’s.  For me it’s a night of celebration – celebrating the remarkable talent we have working in the television and film industry in Ireland and abroad – meeting up with my peers and dressing up for the cameras.  Actually, apart from the fun part of designing a dress with one of Ireland’s top designers and getting ‘styled to within an inch of my life’ the ‘working the red carpet’ bit still gets to me.  There is no other event in town that does a red carpet like the IFTA’s.  Hoards of photographers descend on the Dublin event (and I mean hoards) making the most seasoned and camera-savvy pro buckle at the knees.  Even after two decades in the business I feel my freshly powdered make up melt, my throat dry up and my top lip getting caught on my upper gums (not a good look!) as I try to smile confidently at the rapid-fire of flashes, whilst holding my tummy in, boobs out (ah bless!), stand tall (again fat chance!), all the while looking ‘natural’.

Maybe the real celebrities like Saoirse Ronan, Colin Farrell, Brendan Gleeson and the like take it all in their stride – they are used to much bigger – and more regular – red carpet events after all…but in my case don’t be fooled when you see the pics (below)…deep down I am I’m just another rabbit caught in the headlights!