Cocoa Brown Tan 

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It’s that time of the year again ladies…actually in Ireland this year we needed ‘assisted’ methods of tanning all year round, unfortunately!  Well you know I always like to share my fav’s so for me it’s always Cocoa Brown.  Even before those Kardashians…or was it the Jenners?  Basically the LA celebrity circuit now recommends Irish brand Cocoa Brown (and if you missed that you must be living under a rock somewhere…and very pale!).

I prefer to go into one of the salons to get a spray as it takes 10 minutes max and I don’t have to worry about applying it, avoiding streaks etc. The salon closet to me is Carter Beauty in Blackrock – but all stockists and salons nationwide are listed on their website Cocoa Although I have to say even the 1 hour mousse that you can buy over the counter does not streak – certainly a lot less than other tans I’ve tried (I think I have tried them all).

Tips for Applying tan to yourself:

  1. Use a moisturiser before on your wrinkly/boney areas – elbows, wrist bones, knuckles, knees, ankle bones, toes.
  2. After applying the tan put a few drops of water on a tissue or piece of toilet paper and rub those areas gently twice or three times to get the excess away.
  3. If you can use a hairdryer over the areas you have just applied the tan for 5 minutes total.
  4. Wear loose clothing for at least a half an hour and watch where you sit down.  An old bath robe is ideal.

I am naturally quite dark so I always leave the tan on for an extra bit but be careful.  Maybe test this on your legs first time round and see if you like the depth of colour.  ‘Tangoed’ is not a good look. “Orange is not the new Black”.  Personally I would rather be white than orange!

Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter –

…is the innovative and revolutionary, BEST SELLING tanning range by Marissa Carter available WORLDWIDE!

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