My 12 year old daughter Emelia has been obsessed with Hollister for the last two years. Desperately trying to get her little frame to fit the xs when really the clothes are aimed at teenagers to twenty somethings.  I must say the quality of their clothes is very good if only you could see them?  How many mums have had to ask the cute kid/friendly shop assistant who seems to prefer to ‘pose’ than serve “Can I bring this outside please just to see the colour?”.  Actually, we actually mean ‘see it’!  It’s pitch black in there!  Emelia thinks I am soooo embarassing when I do this and obviously just ‘ancient’ with failing sight, nothing to do with the lack of lighting in the shop. Lol!

Here I am wearing Sonia Rykiel scarf, Hollister sweater (€39 in shops now) and Koral jeans from Seagreen which I have for over a year now and haven’t lost their colour or shape with my trusty fav Isabel Marant bikers (with hidden wedge to give me two extra inches) available at BT2, Dundrum Town Centre.