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Keane On Style receives the warmest of Donegal welcomes

And here are the pics to prove it….   I have to start by saying a huge thanks to all the staff at Harvey’s Point who went beyond the call of duty to make us all feel comfortable and relaxed.  They spoilt us actually!  Thanks to the adorable gentleman that is Noel Cunningham and my skincare expert Peggy Stringer who made it happen. The food was way beyond my expectations and I really couldn’t have hosted the 3 and a half hour long show without the help of Noel Cunningham on stage and Sheila Russell behind the scenes. Thanks too…

Making Up With My Sister!

I caught up with my little sister Becky at Dylan Bradshaw today. She’s so talented (you can find out for yourself – book a consultation at dbFace / Dylan Bradshaw,56 William St South, Dublin 2). Click here to book Thanks Becky Boo! You are the best!!! Here are just some of the other times Becky has done my make-up….  

Cliff Townhouse

Peter and I went into the clifftownhouse.com for dinner.  I wore a www.dkny.com two piece. I love the laser cut fabric and semi cropped (enough to keep my dignity!) design.  My navy and black t-bar shoes are www.christianlouboutin.com from www.brownthomas.com